Long-Haired Tony

Sheriff of Shan Fan


He isn’t exactly what you’d call a good-looking man, with pockmarked features and close-set, beady eyes. Nonetheless, he is a powerful man, and that makes him popular with the ladies. When he’s riled, Long-Haired Tony can be one crazy-violent son of a bitch, but as long as you’re minding your own business, Long-Haired Tony will be as sweet to you as cherry pie.

He is the sheriff of Shan Fan. Long-Haired Tony was born here in California in 1852 to a Chinese mother and an American father. His English is as good as his Cantonese, and he gets along with both communities. As far as most anglos are concerned, Long- Haired Tony is the face of authority in Shan Fan. They won’t meet up with the real triad leaders unless they’re doing some kind of business deal with them. But they’re going to run across Tony and his deputies patrolling the streets and making sure that the only crime in Shan Fan is triad-approved crime.

Long-Haired Tony enforces Chinese justice, which is swift, brutal, and unencumbered by legal niceties. The triad has given him leave to act as judge, jury, and executioner. If he catches a criminal red-handed, he shoots the man down in cold blood. “Saves on jail cost,” he says. Fortunately, Tony’s a fair-minded individual. If the guilt of a suspect is in doubt, Tony doesn’t rush to judgment. A smart and methodical investigator, Tony would have made a fine Pinkerton. Even if the townsfolk are clamoring for a man’s head, Tony refuses do him in unless he’s absolutely sure he has the guilty party.

Tony hires his own deputies, and they project a whole different attitude than the rascals and regulators directly employed by his triad bosses. He wants deputies who are loyal to him, not the Shan Fan triad. Deputies are expected to remain above the fray of the disputes between the various triads.


Long-Haired Tony

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