Red Lantern Town

Red Lantern Town is of primary interest to the average traveling cowpoke. This is where all of the hooting and hollering of out-of-towners takes place. Here you find your saloons, gambling parlors, opium dens, bordellos, and hotels. Many establishments combine all of these functions into one, naturally.

This is also the favorite territory of the triad rascals. No Big Brother worthy of the name fails to own himself a piece of Red Lantern turf. This is their most lucrative neighborhood, and it’s also where the rascals want to play. The turf boundaries are worked out down to the last street corner, but they change all the time.

The Law in Red Lantern Town

Since this is where crime is often at its worst, the Sheriff of Shan Fan Long-Haired Tony keeps his main offices in this district.

The Crime in Red Lantern Town

Red Lantern Town

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