Shan Fan Primer

Welcome to Shan Fan!

In the wake of the Great Quake of 1868, the city of San Francisco collapsed into the ocean along with the rest of the California coastline. But the city’s location was still coveted enough so that a new city sprung up its place – Shan Fan, the city built by and for the migrant Chinese who came to California from the Far East.


Shan Fan is a big place, and you’ll have to get a feel for it yourself. The streets in Shan Fan kind of fan out from the harbor in Shan Fan Bay. Nice of the Quake to leave a nice, sheltered harbor for shipping. Most of the roughly east-west streets are called avenues. Most of the north-south ones are called streets. Many of the names seem on the odd side, because they were named in Chinese and translated for the benefit of the Anglos.

The city divides itself up into a number of neighborhoods based on what kind of business is done there. These are often called “towns.” People in Shan Fan generally live where they work, unless they got plenty of dough. If you work in the red light district or the abattoirs, life in Shan Fan is profoundly unpleasant.

Red Lantern Town


The Waterfront

The Skids



Prawn Valley

Heavenly Park

The Islands in Shan Fan Bay

The Shan Fan Triad

Shan Fan Primer

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